It’s always the way when you are sat at home and you get a phone call from your mother, and she informs you that she is making one of your favourite home comfort desserts, rice pudding!  So, what did I have to get up and make?  Yes you guessed it.  But this time, as always, I used my mum’s recipe but with a Vixxy P twist.

There is a little Thai restaurant  near Wandsworth Town station with a very innovative name.  The Thai Restaurant ( I kid you not!) the staff are very lovely and the food very good.  One of the very few times I managed to squeeze in a dessert I had a thai pancake filled with coconut ice cream with rice.  So this was my influence.  And so was born ‘Rice pudding with a twist’!  I have added coconut and lit orange peel to extract the oils to infuse the rice pudding.  It is divine.  Try it and see.


85g Pudding rice (you can use normal rice, but believe me, it won’t be as nice)

1 pint of milk

30g sugar

1 tsp mixed spice

small nugget of butter

3x slices of orange rind

2tsp creamed coconut


1. Put all the ingredients in a pan and put on a gentle heat for 30mins (only add 1 of the 3 orange peels)

2. Get a lighter and set alight the orange peel to extract the orange oils (if you are unsure about this I have found this … How to flame orange peel), squeeze the orange peels, then add to the mixture.

3. Stir the mixture regularly to help make it a thick creamy rice pudding (be patient, its worth it!)

3. After 30mins turn the heat off and place the lid over the pan so the rice can steam for 10mins

4. if you are going to eat straight away it should be ok but might need heating up a little.  If it is too sticky and you prefer it more saucy, put a drop more milk in (or if you are feeling decadent – put a big dollop of double cream in!)

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