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We are very lucky to have such a talented DJ in close proximity to us that we can twist his arm to create some spectacular mixes for us to boogie to while popping the Prosecco and getting our funk on. Lawrence is an amazingly talented DJ, music producer and boyf. All our friends love his mixes and the tracks he has produced. Want to listen to them? Check out his profiles on Beatport, Spotify, Soundcloud and Mixcloud.





And just so you know it isn’t just because he is Vix’s boyfriend, here is his bio…

With 20+ years of music production and djing under his belt, Lawrence is no stranger to packed dancefloors and crowd interaction. He has previously held residencies at Ministry of Sound and Pacha, and with brands such as Connected and Gifted, all under three different guises. After performing regularly as a scratch dj, Lawrence travelled the world twice under sponsorship from Skyy Vodka, which has collectively helped shape his unique sound & style today.

These days Lawrence runs the house music review website ‘Public House UK’, as well as pushing out his own tech house / techno production on some of the industries most credible labels, and having numerous tracks feature in Beatport’s Top 100 charts.

Lawrence is currently signed to the following labels:

Locker Room // Arcko Digital // Jungle Funk Recordings // Vamos Music // Rezonation Music // Zero Urban // Supercharged Mjuzieek // Influential House // Tactical Records // Jango Recordings // Check In Recordings // Subterraneo


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