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Episode 26: I’ve got Tinder on the brain

Ok… totally my fault, we recorded this weeks ago, but it has been a super hectic few weeks. So FINALLY here is Episode 26 of our wonderful podcast. Just the two of us this episode catching up on the latest big news and a BIIIIIIG announcement from Phillip!

What we were drinking

Well.. what Phillip was drinking lol. Another episode where Phillip was holding the fort on the drinking front. Although I did have a bit of a taste.

Co-op Adeletto Prosecco – £8.50 – A really nice fruity prosecco, super easy drinking and perfect for parties and just a normal Tuesday night in!

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Joint Founder of Two Bottles In Podcast, thoroughly mature and serious in all things gin, prosecco and food related. Lover of life and passionate about encouraging belief and empowerment in others.

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