Vix (aka Vixxy P)

Who is Vix (Vixxy P)?!

This is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down…

Hailing from T’Nurrrth, currently situated in London. I live in Tooting with my amazing man, ridiculously crazy puppy, and two grumpy cats. Proudly working for an reproductive and sexual health charity in central London. Living life and all its rollercoaster highs and stomach churning lows, but most importantly with some utterly amazing friends and three fridges in my kitchen for Prosecco. I love Gin, Sunshine and supporting a more positive life for everyone. If we all just took one minute a day to check in on someone to see how they were, I wonder how many people we could help?

Desperate for everyone to see how utterly amazing they are and not afraid to tell brutal truth. Its all about the T chiiiilllld.

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