Positive and beautifully mindful and a true life loving buddy

Who is Lauren?

I’m a travel addict and only have my parents to thank for it. I grew up mainly in France, but moved around a lot – so ‘home’ is where ever I put my bags down.  Currently home is London.

A couple of years back I went on a life changing adventure to India. I fell in love, like never before. I was swept off my feet, by it’s chaos and at the same time, it’s simplicity – but above all, the people. They were the most loving humans, humans who walked me to bus stations to make sure I was safe, who welcomed me into their homes and cooked me glorious meals without even knowing me. Such pure kind souls.

In this incredible country I was lucky enough to really begin my yoga journey. I’d been practicing for a few years before that, but it was just a physical practice. India taught me about the spiritual side of it, the philosophy, the breath work, the meditation – all the elements that come together to make up Yoga. It led me to go on training courses, the first was a Hatha 200hr Teacher Training – a general introduction to yoga and all the ins and outs. After going deeper into my practice and dealing with a few illnesses I realised I wanted to look deeper into the anatomy of the body and how to heal people through yoga. Which lead me on to my next course in the Ashtanga capital, Mysore. My Guru had studied with B.K.S Iyengar and shared his wealth of knowledge specialising in Ashtanga and Yoga Therapy.

Today I want to share everything I’ve learnt since starting my journey. When I’m in the yoga zone, I’m calm, I have determination, focus and the highest level of health I’ve ever had. There’s nothing I can’t do if I put my mind to it. My outlook on life is glowing, and the world beams back at you with the same incredible energy. This is what I want my students to experience and love. We can all waiver from time to time and find it hard to remain on a certain path and that’s only natural. But hopefully with a mindful practice that will happen a little less frequently.

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