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Episode: 23 I bet they don’t do chicken kiev

A belated upload soz about that! Phillip and I catch up on the hilarity of David Ferguson’s show BUM, plus talking about the jaw dropping Michelle Obama, Madonna’s new alias Madame X and our main girl Luisa Omielan and why Jesus was a feminist ALL whilst drinking some fabulous Prosecco as alllllways.

What we were drinking

Cope Hill Prosecco – £8.99 from the Tooting Off Licence near Tooting Station. This was a fab fresh, fruity Prosecco with notes of pear and apple. The bubbles were soft and deep. This versatile, delicious Prosecco can serve as an aperitif, a complement to food, or just to accompany a fab great friends evening!

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Joint Founder of Two Bottles In Podcast, thoroughly mature and serious in all things gin, prosecco and food related. Lover of life and passionate about encouraging belief and empowerment in others.

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