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Episode 22: BUM is more than a word (Special Guest: David Ferguson)

We have an amazing special guest the incredibly beautiful and wonderfully talented David Ferguson. We talk about life, his upcoming show and how he got to where he is.

This man is amazing check out his latest show: 16th March 4.30pm at The Vaults Festival, Waterloo…Buy tickets here

What we were drinking:

Sharish Blue Magic Gin – £33.45 – It’s blue… now its dusty purple/pink! Pour over tonic water and the gin changes colour due to the flower Clitoria (yes you read it right) Ternatea that colours the gin and changes colour when tonic is added. It actually is a really nice soft flavoured gin and not just a novelty. Luckily as Vix’s parents live in Portugal we can pick up a bottle of this in the Duty Free over there for around £25. To get a good change of colour that you feel you should receive your letter from Hogwarts make sure it is Indian Tonic water! We always recommend Fevertree Indian Tonic… ALWAYS FEVERTREE!

Bathtub Gin – £33.95 – According to Master of Malt it is an extraordinary award-winning gin. Unfortunately we didn’t think so. Again, this is down to personal preference of course. And this sits in the floral perfumed corner and is infused with orange peel, coriander and cloves which made us try and use clementine as a garnish to try and improve the taste. Unfortunately this wasn’t one for us, but why don’t you try and see what you think and let us know! We served this with Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic Water.

Lidl’s Prosecco Spumante Conegliano – £7.99 – This is a DOCG “extra dry” prosecco, but is surprisingly fruity. It wasn’t like one of those super sweet proseccos that leave with a syrupy film in your mouth. It is a rich almost creamy prosecco. We all thoroughly enjoyed it! I honestly would thoroughly recommend you buy this on your next trip.

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