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Episode 18: Julia Roberts (Special Guest: Maddie Friend)

After more than 10 years of friendship Phillip finally got his way. It was his birthday weekend after all. Wow, 42 years old Pip, doesn’t time fly?! (He’ll kill me for writing that)

This episode we tried a new format. We enjoyed an array of bottles, which we can’t remember while watching the legend that is Julia Roberts. We obviously had to start with the ultimate Pretty Woman, and Phillip shocked me as I have seen this film 1000s of times, but he brought over the extended edition! GASP! I hear you say… I KNOW! I say back. It was a shocking discovery and meant that the film took on a new life and I enjoyed it all over again.

How many Julia Roberts films have you seen? Pip would always judge me, I am not well versed in the world of Julia. But, it was time to change all that. So we watched her Oscar winning role in Erin Brockovich. WOW What a film. That blew me away. And by this time we were definitely Two Bottles In!

We planned next to watch Steel Magnolias, even though it seemed slightly off piste as we were well on our way to celebrating Phillip’s birthday and Steel Magnolias was tears and tissues at the ready. So it got abandoned. Instead, we found a teenager and decided to interview her! See what you think!

As usual we provide you with all the different places you can listen to the musically fuelled fun that was Episode 18! Thank you for listening and as always we love you all and if you have any thoughts or ideas or something you want us to talk about let us know!

Episode 18:

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