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Episode 16: Madonna is LIFE! (Special Guest: Pete Clark)

Can we just say Madonna is LIFE!! In this episode we are celebrating the icon herself. The Queen of the Queens. Madonna. Talking about what she has done for music, for current artists and for gay men everywhere! Celebrating her 60th year of life and her 37th year in the music industry. We chat to our very special guest and fabulous friend Pete about the eras and looks that Madonna has given the world. Happy Birthday Madonna, we salute you!

She is 60 this year and has changed pop culture countless times. She has influenced some of today’s biggest stars. And has stepped out in to the light to challenge society on some of the most contentious topics.

The Two bottles we drank this episode were bought by Pete this episode. They were bought from Tesco in their Finest range for £8 each. It was called Pignoletto and since recording the episode we have discovered that it isn’t technically a Prosecco! It is a sparkling wine within it’s own right! We have found an article in the Telegraph that informs us with what we need to know about this small but great value Italian sparkling wine!

Compared to Pete and Pip, Vix is a bit of a novice when it comes to the almighty Madonna. So through asking some great thought provoking questions, we carve our way through Madonna’s history on our own journey. She has helped so many people and touched so many lives including ours. We have to celebrate her achievements and the fight and drive the woman has to succeed and come back time and time again blowing her fans out of the water with her spectacular live shows and comeback albums.

Finally, we let you know that we are off to see Bianca Del Rio at the Hammersmith Apollo.  Also remind you that the very lovely DJ Lawrence Friend has a brand new mix out on Mixcloud called “The Disco-Tech Podcast!” which should be downloaded immediately! A great one for the kitchen, gym, car, bus, launderette or anywhere you need to burst in to Billy Elliot style dancing!

As usual we provide you with all the different places you can listen to the musically fuelled fun that was Episode 16! Thank you for listening and as always we love you all and if you have any thoughts or ideas or something you want us to talk about let us know!

Episode 16:

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