About Us

Two Bottles of Prosecco, two friends and a recording device. Who knew?  Firstly, and most importantly – Friends for Life, we are passionate and drunk on life (and often Prosecco) making a podcast for everyone and anyone.

Why a podcast?

We started this podcast because, life has been quite an adventure for both of us so far. And we were always being told to write a blog or something about the challenges we have faced, as well as the battles we have had and what happens. We will tell you what we are drinking and what we are thinking. And of course it is all pure comedy gold with a little wisdom for good measure.

UPDATE: A Two Bottles In Expansion!

We realise that ideally we would all live near a beach, do yoga and drink kale smoothies all day, but lets face it, most of us don’t have the luxury. So we tell it how it is, whether there are bells and whistles, or dark clouds and hills to climb. One of our most crucial principles is to,

be true and authentic whilst having a great time.

We have realised that there is more to life than just us on a podcast so we have decided to create a hub for all our knowledge and opinions for us to share with you. This website won’t be the most active but when we have something we feel is really worth sharing. We will share it.

Get in Touch!

We are always respectful, dignified and proud of any content we share on either our podcast, social channels or our website. But let us know if you feel there is something we are missing. It is important to us that we are useful like a friend should be. And we hope you will be our friends too!

Get involved. Send us your thoughts, questions, problems and recommendations. Have you found a great Prosecco or gin we should try?! Let us know! Enjoy y’all!

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